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Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:38:52 +0000

On 18/03/2002 12:05:44 "Alex K. Angelopoulos" wrote:
> Hmmm...I can't find a reference on the ICS setup for Win98SE right now,
> either... :(

I set up ICS in January using a collection of Microsoft tech support problem/resolution pages.
It was not all in one place and I used my own sub-net numbers to save updating all my host files.
It works fine for internet browser connections and CD-identifying etc.
 [The papers I saved now are but I won't get to them for a week.]

As I recall, there was no applet and it was a combination of
a) loading/enabling the ICS subsystem
b) network dialogue and trivial registry hacking
c) probably a re-boot :-]

I just fell over this last weekend when I wanted X and VNC on the local subnet behind my ICS dialup-to-work system
[Quick fix was to dialup directly and by-pass ICS]

I was expecting to invest in some visible/controllable NAT and port translating kit that is often discussed on these mailings
(ICS has the aura of a kludge that works for simple cases - correct?)
...but if someone here describes how ICS could be made to do this then that would be great!
[Presumably ICS does NAT/port map but "privately"]

> IIRC, from the networking applet on the system running ICS you can access
> port redirection for ICS; you would need to redirect port 5900 (and 5800
> also if wanting to use the Java applet) to the internal address of the
> system you want to control.  Is there an ICS port list in the networking applet?


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