VNC over AppleTalk?

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Sun, 17 Mar 2002 22:25:47 +0000

>I would like to use VNC to connect to my old Mac (Performa 6400). I want
>to connect them using AppleTalk through the serial (printer) port.
>So here are two questions:
>1. Would the bandwidth be enough to have a
>reasonable working connection with the server running at the lowest
>resolution (I think 640x480) and 256 colors?

AppleTalk encapsulation adds an amazing overhead to normal TCP/IP 
traffic.  I would be surprised if you could get anything useable 
through it.  If at all possible, get Ethernet.

>2. What settings should I use in the TCP/IP and AppleTalk control panels?
>I tried to choose AppleTalk(MacIP) as the connection mode, and to manually
>assign IP addresses and and leaving

Try etc - the addresses you selected are invalid for IP. 
The rest sounds vaguely sensible.

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