Vnc and the cut and paste clipboard

Wayne Throop throopw "at"
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 08:55:05 +0000

:: What can vnc do with the clipboard?  As far as I found, currently
:: nothing but correct me if I'm wrong. 

See the FAQ.

Note that the problems noted in this faq are due to the fact that X
actually has two completely different selection/clipboarding systems,
and one of them requires the process setting the value to be a client
of the X protocol.  But the vncviewer is a client of the RFB protocol,
and so can't set the primary selection; it can only set the clipboard.

The faq notes two solutions to the problem.  Note that autocutsel
is a workaround for the fact that the viewer isn't an X client;
it's an X client that supplements what vncviewer already does.

So.  Bottom line, yes, you can cut and paste between apps running
remotely inside a viewer window and those running locally outside it.

:: My suggestion is if the vncviewer focus is changed, the clipboard
:: should be copied in the same direction. 

I'm not sure I understand what "vncviewer focus" is.  When the mouse
enters the vncviewer's window, the clipboard is copied local-to-remote.
When the mouse leaves, the clipboard is copied remote-to-local.

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