Problem with VNC on Win2k Server machine.

Robert Davis sniper_lt "at"
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:40:57 +0000

Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this list for months. Acutally I 
popped my hear above the radar a couple of time. Her is my situation.

I run a computer learning center for kids with 25 win98SE Celeron 566mhz 
workstations with 64mb ram each. I have WinVnc.exe running on each of them.

I have two teachers workstation with Dual boot Win98 and Win2k Pro. Pent II 
700Mhz with 128 mb Ram with VncViewer 3.63 and VncCommander

I also have a Dual Processor Pent III 866 with 1GB ram,2 18gb scsi hard 
drive, and two 100mbps 10base-t nics. Running win2k SERVER as my dhcp 
server, firewall server, couple of apps e.t.c.

ok here is the problem. I am trying to contact the server by using 
VNCCommander,the VncViewer, Of by by typing in internal 
nic ip):58XX(server display number is xx) and at certain times either and 
all of these methods just lock up on my teacher's workstation. Whatever 
client program I am using never contacts the WinVNC.exe program running on 
the server other then to ask for the password initially then the client just 
locks up.

So I walk across the room open the locked server closet, close VNCViewer on 
the server and try to start it again. Well win2k server says that it is 
already running. So I do a ctrl-alt-delete and end the WinVNC process from 
the process list. Then start it running again. After all this I can connect 
to the WinVnc.exe on the server from any and all client methods on the 
teachers station.

But all this negates the whole purpose of having VNC on the server in the 
first place if I have to walk to the closet and reboot it on server.!!!!

Any Ideas of what could be going wrong.??

It have tried to include as much info in this mail as I can without giving 
away security info. Let me know if you need more info


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