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Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:25:55 +0000

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> How can I make the viewer window larger (Windows 2000 version)?
> It's kind of small and the resize is disabled.

Basically, vncviewer shows a pixel by pixel image of the vncserver. Making
the viewer smaller provides scrollbars to control the viewport. Making hte
viewer larger should only result in larger borders (which is the case in

Resize is done at the server side. For M$Windows console servers: change the
display size. BUT BE WARNED: if you change the server geometry on the fly,
with a vncviewer, the connection is lost due to a server reset!

Current viewers have a zoom or scale option which basically removes every
other pixel or doubles the pixels. For M$Windows based viewers, you can find
them on the window menu: richtclick on the taskbar button or on the window
title.  ConnectionOpotions -> Scale is the place to be.


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