Winvncdrv Update (drivers for w2k and nt4)

Ellis Golub ellis "at"
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 15:31:23 +0000

Hi --

I have uncovered two serious problems using winvncdrv under Win2k.  Corel
Photopaint 10 doen not function properly with the driver. With winvnc running
as a service, but before any viewer client has connected, Corel Photopaint 10
works normally.  After a client has connected, Corel Photopaint 10 opens
normally, but, when an image file is opened, the image window immediately
closes.  The application remains open, but trying to open an image file results
in the file opening, the image flashing on the screen (both vncviewer and local
system monitor), and then closing.

I tried opening an image file before client connect, using the monitor and
controls of the winvnc server.  I then connected a client, and the image file
previously opened in Corel Photopaint 10 closed.

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 behaves normally on this system, with or without a client

The second problem occures in Microsoft Powerpoint XP and Olympus Camedia 2.5.
 In both applications, thumbnails are displayed normally, but full slides are
not fully displayed.  In Powerpoint, the slideshow works fine, but slide view
doesn't.  In Camedia, the individual images can be displayed fullscreen OK, but
the slide show doesn't display properly.   What I mean by improper display is
that the image is only partiually drawn, and moving the mouse across the image,
paints it in wherever the mouse has been.

Changing options in the winvnc service helper have no effect.

The performance of the winvncdrv driver is quite impressive, and most
application seem to perform normally.  However, a few don't.

Has anyone else had the same experience?  Is there a fix, besides uninstalling
the driver?

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