Locale - Solaris 2.7 and VNC

bernard.mcauley@mindspeed.com bernard.mcauley "at" mindspeed.com
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 12:15:10 +0000


I've been having several problems getting VNC up and running on Solaris 
2.7.  It works fine with Solaris 2.6.  I've tracked the problem down to 
the locale settings, when upgrading to 2.7 I have set the default locale 
to the new 'Euro' locale (en_GB.ISO8859-15) rather than the old en_UK 
locale.  If at the CDE desk top I use the language option to en_GB I can 
run the server sucessfully.  'Otherwise when the windows manager starts up 
(I'm using olwm) I get a fatal error -- Could not find any fonts to use. 

Setting the font path manually doesn't work, because I then find the that 
two fonts:-


will not load (font path cannot be set error).

Based on this I reached the conclusion that if I set the olwm -basiclocale 
to en_GB.  But when I do this I start to get errors regarding the lack of 
certain font sets.  If I set the basic locale to en_UK then I just get a 
general not fonts to use error.

What is it about the new fonts that vnc doesn't like?  Is there a way to 
force my windows manager to use the en_GB locale correctly even when the 
desktop is running a different locale?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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