Scaling extensions in server...?

Rafael Huescar Molina rafael "at"
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 09:28:27 +0000

- I'm trying to connect my PalmVNC to W2000 with server r3.3.3r9 
but I can't re-scale in any way.

- I have found this messages in FAQ from PalmVNC

A. When I try to set the scale to anything but 1:1, I get a "Connection 
Lost!" message.

Q.The server you are using does not support server-side scaling. You 
need to upgrade your server to one that includes server-side scaling to 
use this feature. Some clients (e.g. VNCViewer from WinVNC) support 
client-side scaling. The fact that these clients may work with your 
server does not indicate that the server has scaling extensions.
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