WAN-connection1-OK but WAN-coneection2-VERY SLOW

Klaas-Jan Doeven kjdoeven "at" hetnet.nl
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 08:09:11 +0000

Hi there,
i have a small WAN overhere, and I can communicate with both remote-server
At server1 everything goed great, but at server2 the responsive is really
Overall, but it is especially noticible when using a DOS box remote. The
characters take forever to appear on the remote screen! Also the buitl up of
the screen takes much longer.
THe computers (hardware) are the same, the software (winNT, vnc. 3.3.3r9)
are the same, the connection is the same (all 3 are on the same DSL and it
happens every time, not just incidental).

Anyone has any tips how to get server2 better responsive? Is there a way to
'tweak' server2 or VNC at server2?

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