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I would like to see the following happen:
- AT&T create a page on all of these programs with links to their download
location and a description/price listing --and/or-- an email (meaning 1
email) sent out with this information.
I believe Alastair's description of these programs works fine, and could be
worked in with this.


On 3/12/02 4:36 AM, "Alastair Burr" <vnclist "at"> wrote:

> I just took a look at VNCScan and yes you can configure more scannable
> ip ranges than VNCon, but speedwise doing a scan between a range of 255
> computers took 230 secs, and in VNCon it took 35 secs! (done on an NT
> machine) So this depends on your definition of 'advanced', and scans in
> VNCon can be passed as command line options. Steve, maybe you should get
> VNCScan to use asynchronous nonblocking sockets or multi threaded
> blocking sockets to speed things up a bit. (this was meant
> constructively)
> But as I am the designer, I guess I am going to be biased. And as to
> which tool you should use is all up to personal preference and what is
> required for the job. Here is my findings and to draw your awarenesss to

> what else is available:
> -> VNC Commander = is useful just to have there with a list of computers
> which generally dont need to be updated much, the file size is small so
> easily portable, and it can be useful to have it minimised in the system
> tray for easy access
> -> VNCScan = is very useful if you have multiple ip ranges to scan, you
> have to pay a small amount to license it but that is very reasonable
> -> VNC Manager by Patrick Garnier = can scan an ip range every few mins
> and export it in a variety of ways
> -> VNC Manager by MAST Hard & Software = quite new, nice interface and
> quite easy to use
> Just pointing out that in the earlier message by Klaas-Jan Doeven he
> made a typo and was talking about VNC Commander and NOT VNCon :) Anyway,
> good day to you all
> Regards, Alastair Burr
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>> Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 08:20:59 -0500
>> From: "Steve Bostedor" <Steveb "at">
>> Subject: RE: VNC Mangager only free for personal use
>> VNCScan Console doesn't have any of these bugs and is only $30.00 for
> a
>> console.  I highly suggest checking it out.  It's scanner is far more
> advanced
>> than vnccon.  There is also a new version coming out soon that
> improves some
>> of the look and feel and provides some new functionality.  Check it
> out at
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>> From: Klaas-Jan Doeven [mailto:kjdoeven "at"]
>> Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 4:32 AM
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>> Subject: RE: VNC Mangager only free for personal use
>> A few comments, hints, tips, for both developers.
>> I took the liberty of putting down some pros and cons of both apps.
>> This is only my opinion and experience off course!
>> I already 'spoke' to the man behind VNCon, but still:
>> - -VNCon doesn't handle the exit program that well (one can end up
> with tons
>> of icons in the tray)
>> - -and it start a new session every time one starts VNCon (i think
>> unnecessary)
>> - -I get often fatal crashes (access violation at address BF153C3 in
> module
>> GDI32.DLL)
>> - - i believe it doesn't handle dos boxes and commands/key strokes
> that well
>> (the original VNC does that better)
>> (sometimes a key seems to be 'stuck') (i also tried different
> VNCX.dll's)
>> - -need of this 3-party VNCX.dll
>> - -misses the meaning/explanation of the button when pointing mouse
> cursor on
>> the buttons.
>> - -It is small and fast
>> - -has a 'scanner'
>> - -has a nice GUI
>> - -has a built in zoom option, (very handy!)
>> - -is free!!
>> VNC Manager 1.0.16:
>> - -is quit slow in starting up
>> - -misses a 'send Ctrl-ALt-Del' command in his GUI.
>> - -no different views possible (only a 'list' view)
>> - -is not 'free'
>> - -when using built in viewer no automatic stretch.
>> - -and it start a new session every time one starts VNC Manager (i
> think
>> unnecessary)
>> - -one can divide all the pc's in groups (handy for if one has many
> computers
>> to control)
>> - -has built in 3 options: Java, orig. VNC, and it's own interface.
>> overall: VNC Manager uses a lot more memory and takes 5 threads (why?)
> VNCon
>> much less memory, only 1 thread.
>> So my choose is still VNCon
>> Again, this is no offence but just my opinion and kind of a bug/tip
> report.
>> I think you both did a good job!!
>> good luck
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