Problems with WinXP and Terminal Services

Scott "The Axe" O'Bryan axeman "at"
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:30:47 +0000

There is a very real one actually.  In order for me to get onto my home
PC from our intranet via Terminal Services, I need to connect from home
to my work site.  If this connection blows up, then I only have access
to TCP/IP.  Unless I want to expose the port to the internet for
terminal services, I'm kind of stuck.  Furthermore, vnc is more flexible
as to the types of "clients" that can access it.  There are ports for
the Mac, Unix boxes (of which I use many), and vnc provides me the
flexibility to use them.  On the other hand, TS gives me faster access
and much better display capabilities.

Understand that I'm not trying to access TS and vnc at the same time.
Rather if the last time I logged onto XP was via a Terminal Services
window, I want to be able to connect VNC later on.  XP Profession uses a
modified single-user terminal services which essentially disables the
local desktop of the user while it's in use.  I think this may be where
the problem lies because when the user logs off of TS, Windows gets put
into a wait-and-see mode to so who will claim the GUI next (TS or the
local terminal).

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> I'm having a problem with vnc and Windows XP.  I know
> it's not supported yet, but VNC actually works pretty
> well unless you logged into the machine via Terminal
> Services (remote desktop) last.  In this case a blank
> screen is displayed when vnc makes a connection.  It
> would be cool if, at the very least, it came up with a
> login screen.  Are there any plans to support this
> scenario?

What's the use of using vnc in a terminal server configuration? As far
as I
know it's just using an other protocol to get the windows on the

If it's for displaying on unix, the terminalserver has an X11 option to
a X11 display.
If it's for takeover, put the vncserver in userspace and off you go.
If it's for security, What security?
If it's for something else, explain your usage.

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