Automatic Install MichaelLashinsky "at"
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 16:11:36 +0000

Good Morning Group,

      I am writing a Windows batch file to install VNC on user's
workstations (mostly '95 and '98) without input from users.  I have an
*.iss file and I have it working.  I put into the batch file a reference to
the WinVNCHooks.reg file and another *.reg file to put in the default
password and to dis-allowProperties to prevent the user from changing them.
It mostly works, (I am still tweaking it...) but I need to somehow auto
answer the messages that says "the Registry settings have been successfully
entered into the registry."  Do any of you have a suggestion how to do
that?  Ideally it would be 100% silent and be done before the user's can
poke buttons and fudge it up.

P.S.  Thank you, all those who made WinVNC possible.  Yesterday I had a
remote user who did not know how to left click.  I talked him through an
install of VNC and then took over fixing his email.  (The real reason he
called.)  I shudder to think about talking him through the setup and
configuration of a lotus notes email account.  Now if I can get this batch
file working I will only have to talk a user through a find and double
click of the batch.bat file.

Have a Good Day,

Michael L.
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