future suggestion: password confirmation

Jay Glanville jayglanville "at" rogers.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:02:49 +0000

I have a suggestion for a future enhancement for VNC: somehow confirm the
password change.  I've searched the archives and not found anything about

Let me tell you how I came about this idea (necessity being the mother of

I've just recently started using VNC to administer a remote windows box.  A
few days ago, I decided to change the password for VNC.  When I entered the
password, I somehow mistyped it - BUT I didn't realize my mistake until the
next time I had to get into the box.  Because I didn't know what the
password now was, I had to travil to the server and change it at the

When I change a password, I'm used to having to having to enter it twice,
and if they don't match, then the password wouldn't change.  Another
application I know of (ServeU) does it slightly differently: the password is
hidden using *, except when I enter a new one.  (I.e.: it echos my password
using thecharacters I've typed, but after accepting the password, echos it
using *.)

Just my $0.02 to try and help a good product become $0.02 better.

Jay Glanville
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