VNC Manager only free for personal use

Daniel Wyllie dwyllie "at"
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:49:31 +0000

Jonathan Maton posted a message to this list on 17th Sept last year
(2001), he has created a version of VNC that will use NT Authentication
for a VNC Client connecting to a server. His VNC Server app has the
option to use either a Global Group or a standard password for
authentication. If you want to read his posting, it's in the archives
I just hope he doesn't mind me posting this info :)
Hope it helps!
Daniel Wyllie
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It is always interesting to hear what other developers think :) I
personnaly prefer windows, but that is due to it being so widespread,
and appears to be the standard. I just wish vnc had the ability to use
nt authentication, instead of its set encryption algorithm (where the
source is freely available which makes it easier to intercept and
decrypt), but I guess this will be done at some point if it is possible.
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