Unable to cooperate at same desktop ?

Beerse, Corne cbeerse "at" hiscom.nl
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:23:11 +0000

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> The introduction of VNC says:
> "One desktop can be displayed and used by several viewers at 
> once, allowing
> CSCW-style applications."
> I install VNC on linux(at x86 machine) and try to connect to 
> vncserver from
> two computers to the same desktop(for example display is 2).
> But I only can connect by one, the other will be kick out 
> when next one
> connect to the same desktop.......
> Do I misunderstand the introduction sentence  ?

No, the vncserver can be viewed with more than one vncviewer at once. This
is controlled by some options at the server side. On linux, type `Xvnc
--help` to see the options. You can give these options to the vncserver
script to overrule the defaults.

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