grey desktop with a cursor

"Beerse, Corné" cbeerse "at"
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:22:47 +0000

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> I have installed the product VNC Server in an AIX 4.3.0 
> server following the
> instructions in the document How To Install VNC On AIX 
> (Joshua Kuo, August
> 2001)
> I have the vncviewer in a PC with Windows 2000 professional 
> and when I try to
> take control of my AIX server, I get a gray desktop whith a cursor

This indicates both the server and the viewer work. Now open some windows on
your new display. If you used vncserver to start the server, it indicates
the display value to use. The viewer also gives the display name in the
windowtitle. To check the vnc basics, type: `xterm -display <display here>`
on the aix prompt.

I suspect a security problem. If the xterm has no access, it will report so
at the prompt. To remove all X11 security, type `xhost -display <display
here> +`.

> Q16 I connected to my Unix VNC server and I just see a grey 
> desktop with a
> cursor.
> After the vncserver script has started the Xvnc server, it 
> then runs your
> ~/.vnc/xstartup script. By default this will try to start the 
> twm window
> manager, but if twm isn't on your path, or if you prefer 
> something else, you
> can edit xstartup. The log file may also give you clues about what is
> happening.

With the gray screen on, try `twm -display <display here>`.

> I have tried to use the xstartup file with the twm, mwm and 
> dtwm commands

I see you got the local configuration and gave it to vnc. That should work
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