winvncdrv & NT4 MGillespie "at"
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 12:08:35 +0000

Thanks, Got the driver working well under NT4.  it did seem to be running
slow thou (using JPEG & JPEG B&W). I wil do some more conclusive tests, as
it may have been the system I was testing it on (I did not have a huge
amount of time).

What would be REALLY cool, if Constantin & yourself got together, and made
a "UltimateVNC", combining your excellent driver and plugin encancements,
and Constantin's TightVNC code (which IMHO is a better VNC than the atd
AT&T offering)...

What would be a even better idea, would be to intregrate all these VNC
enchancements into a single VNC, using the OpenVNC project at SourceForge,
as currently we have to choose between either running TightVNC or the
WinVNC driver, We can't have both...

Just my 2p worth!!!!

Please don't get me wrong, I really DO appreciate the hard work that
developers like Rudi and Constantin have done, it's just it would SOOO much
better if they were all in the same compatible, platform independant

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