Strange Behaviour

Tony Wright tony "at"
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 11:23:34 +0000

I have set up two computers with tight vnc on my local network. They work
fine between themselves, however when I connect via the internet (I have my
router routing port 5800 & 5900 to one computer and 5801 & 5901 to another
with screen set to 1)
The one computer works fine(5901) but with the other one it seems to ignore
all mouse clicks except those on the desktop. I can select Icons, double
click them ok but once a program is running it ignores all mouse clicks and
I can't even select the program. Also the "start" button cannot be selected.
I may have changed a setting somewhere, but all the ones I check appear to
be the same on both computers. Does anyone have any ideas? 
It's the same if I connect via the java or normal viewer.
The computer that is not responding is ME and the one that works is Win 98
if this makes any difference.

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