v3.3.3r9: AuthHosts not working properly?

Kutulu kutulu "at" kutulu.org
Sun, 10 Mar 2002 23:23:04 +0000

I just install v3.3.3r9 onto all of the machines on my LAN at home (All
running Windows 2000).  Since I only plan to use VNC to avoid having to get
out of my chair all night :), I want to restrict incoming connections to
only machines on the LAN that belong to me, e.g., not my roomate or anything
on the Internet.

To test this setup, I created an AuthHosts value in
HKLM\Software\ORL\WinVNC3 to read:
AuthHosts = -:+

But when my roommate tries to connect from his PC, it allows the connection.
The logging console window shows:

D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncServer.cpp : authhosts set to "-:+"
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncProperties.cpp : clearing user settings
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncPasswd.h : PASSWD : FromClear called
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncProperties.cpp : loading DEFAULT local settings
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncServer.cpp : trying port number 5900
Sun Mar 10 17:51:22 2002
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\VSocket.cpp : closing socket
Sun Mar 10 17:51:24 2002
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\VSocket.cpp : closing socket
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncSockConnect.cpp : started socket connection thread
Sun Mar 10 17:51:25 2002
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\VSocket.cpp : closing socket
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncPasswd.h : PASSWD : ToText called
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\WinVNC.cpp : message 275 recieved
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncHTTPConnect.cpp : started HTTP server thread
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\WinVNC.cpp : message 84 recieved
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncMenu.cpp : usernames : old="", new=""
Sun Mar 10 17:51:261 2002
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncSockConnect.cpp : accepted connection from
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncClient.cpp : vncClient() executing...
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\WinVNC.cpp : message 1026 recieved
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncServer.cpp : AddClient() done
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncClient.cpp : client connected : (1)

I have tried setting AuthHosts to:


(I beleive the 2nd is correct but I tried all three)

And the behavior is the same.  VNC logs that it properly read authhosts to
whatever I set it, then allows anyone from anywhere to connect.  I assume I
am doing something wrong, but I followed examples from this lists archives
and it still isn't functioning.

Thanks for any assistance,

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