Can VNC help me for my project?

Yohan Baillot baillot "at"
Sat, 09 Mar 2002 21:21:20 +0000

Dear developers,

I am doing OpenGL graphics programing and I would like to display
some applications from a Win32 or Unix machine as textures on

For this I need to be able to read the pixels of an application
from the framebuffer on a remote (or current) machine, and set
these pixels as a texture in OpenGL. My problem is to read the pixels
in the framebuffer. I have looked at the vncServer source code for
Win32 but it is not obvious to me where to start and how the pixels
are read.

Could you tell me if VNC is able to do what I say. In concept I think
I need to embbed a VNC listener into my application to get the pixels
from your VNC server. This listener will just pass to my rendering
application the pixel data which will then be turned into textures.

Please tell me if VNC is where to start for me and give me some advices
on where to look first if possible.





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