Complete NT4-level WinVNC policy template now available

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at"
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 15:24:11 +0000


I developed the ADM file I sent you under Windows XP. I'm fairly sure
that with a bit of testing, we can get some comfort levels with the ADM
file under Group Policy in Win2k and XP. 

I had no idea that the ADM file format was static enough that NT 4.0 was
able to use the stuff that I worked on.


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Almost 600 lines that covers everything in the registry on a VNC system.

It just so happens that Daniel Quinlan rolled through everything
and had it up by the end of December.

Let me warn people who don't know, you should NOT want to use these on
unless you are familiar with the repercussions of "tattooing" the
You can't "undo" policy changes done via NT4-level ADM files per se.
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