[VCN] ivisit

David Murdoch djm "at" hfx.eastlink.ca
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 14:36:15 +0000

Used with a webcam and a microphone ivisit [.com] (available free)  
connects individuals for videoconferencing.

When I employ vnc-3.3.3r2 to connect from a client Linux box to
vnc-3.3.3r9 on a Windows 98 laptop with a USB webcam attached and
ivisit running, the ivisit webcam images on the client window do not
refresh unless one of the mouse buttons on the client are pushed.

Is there a solution to this?

David Murdoch
   Halifax Regional CAP Association Coordinator
   http://www.hrca.ns.ca (902) 422-2110
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