connect to vnc via internet

Martin Kemp martin "at"
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 11:31:43 +0000


If you're using the latest version of wingate it has a built-in firewall
function that will block lots of ports. I can't remember the details, but
one way I've used it in the past is to allow vnc to run on screen 0, but put
in a tcp mapping from port 5800 to 5801 (and the same with 5900 if you use
the Java tool) that only exposes the external ip address. In this way you
can connect to yourmachine:0 internally and youripaddress:1 externally. I'm
sure there's a way of just allowing 5800/5900 to be externally connectable
(i.e. wingate leaves it alone) but I like wingate's ability to keep a log of
who's connecting from outside (and even filter what ip addresses can connect
on that port). Wingate is very quick and doesn't noticeably affect

I hope this helps,

Martin Kemp

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> Hi Everybody,
> > i have install vnc server on a windows machine that is connected to
> internet
> > via usb dsl modem
> >
> > i can't connect to that machine via vnc from internet. the viewer put
> "can't
> > connect to the server".
> >
> > the machine use wingate proxy server to share internet connection with
> other
> > computers in my home.
> >
> >  What am i doing wrong? How can i access to my computer from internet
> using
> > vnc?
> Well, wingate shouldn't be interfering with VNC, but it may be opeing port
> 5800 / 5900 for itsself.
> Try setting VNC to use screen 2 or 3 or something (port 5802 etc.)
> Have you tried using the web gateway btw? type into a browser
> http://my.ip.address:5800/
> Also, are you running any other type of internet connection
> sharing? If you
> have the Windows ICS on, then this blocks all incomming trafic for some
> reason, so have it off if you want to use the machine as a
> server. (also do
> you have a firewall?)
> Finally, are you sure you're using the right IP address? if you have a
> dynamic IP you might want to look at, thats
> what I use
> with my cablebox, as NTL give me a dynamic IP.
> Andrew
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