Tridia VNC

Andrew Crowe andrew_bulk "at"
Fri, 08 Mar 2002 11:11:40 +0000

Hi Everybody,

>     Just saw TridiaVNC Pro. i have a question. Since TridiaVNC Pro is
> upon VNC, which is open source under GNU license, won't it be mandatory
> TridiaVNC people to make it open course too ?? And do they have to make it
> free too ?? (they already have a product TridiaVNC, which is free, its the
> pro version that is not free and contains additional features..)
>     And if not, suppose i come up with another product that uses VNC
> concepts, do i have to make it opensource or make it free or something ??
>     I guess this has something to do with my understanding of the GNU GPL.
> Can someone please clarify these doubts for me.

I'm sure the GPL licence allows you to use the source code to make
proprietary (closed source) or commercial products, as long as you abide by
the terms of the agreement (eg. submitting any changes to that part of the
source code you make to the author etc.)

After all MacOS X is based on BSD, which is open source, and OS X is
definatly not free or open source


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