Winvncdrv sourcecode-Tight-Nt4-w2k

De Vos Rudi "at"
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 23:18:39 +0000

To get the source code

1) send me a mail with a bit info about your programming knowledge.
Just for own use, when I have a c++ problem :)
2) only use the driver for open projects
3) If you make interesting changes, please send me a copy

I will send you a login and passwd back unless you have as mail adress
jhhfrdgg "at" ;-)


Still trying to get It work.
vncdrv.sys is not compatible removed some 2000 stuff and recompiled OK
(I better had token the mdmdd.sys "netmeeting"and renamed it to
vncdrv.sys, mirror miniport drivers seems all the same)
With new vncdrv.sys

Drvenablepdev OK
load kernel dll (vnchelp.dll) and import functions
??????? after enable surface, disable is called.
unload kenrel dll

Put new inf and sys in sourcedrv


Dont run winvnc as service for this time.(crash)
If you remove the system("drvstart") and drvstop from the winvncsrc
,recompile and set Attached.ToDesktop to 1 in the registry,
the driver autostarts and winvnc can be run as service.  First check
manual if the driver don't crash !! BSOD
Remember, if something goes wrong you need to boot from cdrom and remove
the vncdrv.sys


I'm trying to compile the tight encoder/decoder as plugins.

I Hope this was an aswer to most of the questions

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