winvncdrv new version available

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at"
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 08:27:28 +0000

In the DDK, you can get the HCL test suite for video drivers. If you
pass this suite, you're sweet. Given enough perseverance and a few
changes to the way WinVNC implements things, you can get the "Designed
for Windows" logo.

The driver verifier is the thing that does most of the work. Just beware
that this *is not* meant for production systems. The driver verifier
will blue screen you at the first opportunity after *any* driver has
done something bad or drop you into a remote kernel debugger.

Exercise the driver with devctl and watch the world turn blue, unless
you've done a really excellent job on programming it. 

If only every device manufacturers was forced to do this step. 


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Essentially, the display driver is the way WinVNC should have operated
the beginning, but since it works only on NT and could cause system
instability, we opted for the hint route instead, which is more portable
Win98, for example) and cannot crash the OS.  (Note that Rudi's version
a hook driver that I've never seen crash a system, so the instability
is probably moot).

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