RFC - Windows VNC server configuration issues

Alex Angelopoulos alex "at" bittnet.com
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 08:19:02 +0000

This ADM looks quite handy.  In *any* NTish domain using VNC it can globalize
the policies pretty well - on the Win9x/Me clients also.

I need to look at this more (translation: Since I don't use PolEdit more than
once every 3months I need to re-learn how the dickens to navigate it), but
you're right.  It's a very telling point that with Win2K domains, for example,
we're seeing GP much easier than logon scripts for standards implementation.

FYI, anyone interested, I did reconvert a function using RegObj.DLL as a
method for rapid examination of remote VNC keys on a Windows NT/2000/XP
system.  It requires RegObj.DLL for use, but can be of use for rapid audit of
a system's machine keys.  Since it's about 120 lines long currently (some of
which wrap viciously in email :]), I'm not including it here, but will likely
put it up if/when it becomes something useful...

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: Alex,
: Group policy and make the product deployable using assigned software
: policies.
: This is how you can truly reduce the amount of time and angst of dealing
: with VNC in a domain environment. I cannot stress this enough. By using
: Group Policy, you can eliminate about 99% of the work of deploying and
: securing all VNC servers in a network.
: The best thing is that Group Policy can be an afterthought - I've
: included an ADM file that shows the basic idea. It doesn't work just yet
: (I need to figure out why), but you should get the idea.
: Andrew
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: Subject: RFC - Windows VNC server configuration issues
: I'm not using RFC in the colloquial sense, here.  I just want to get a
: concept
: about the issues that others see with configuring Windows VNC servers -
: deployment, securing, and maintaining.
: What I would like to do is develop a simple scripted front-end method of
: easing VNC tasks for Windows admins.  Although some things cannot be
: addressed
: easily via scripted solutions, I do want to hear about the various
: issues
: people see.
: One thing I see as a starting point is rapid assessment of the net
: effect of
: the current configuration settings.  Any comments?
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