Thin client security presentation

Michael Ossmann michael.ossmann "at"
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 19:17:02 +0000

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 10:00:14AM -0500, Janyne Kizer wrote:
> What are you thoughts on the security of running from Windows PC ->
> Linux via SSH?  
> For example, from Windows:
> ssh2 -L 5901:my.vnc.server:5900 my.vnc.server -l userid
> Then fire up VNC and connect to localhost:1

That is arguably the most secure way you could use VNC, as long as you
prevent direct (non-ssh) connections with the -localhost option of
Xvnc/vncserver.  Also, you'll have to use "localhost" as the remote host
name in your forwarding:

  ssh2 -L 5901:localhost:5900 my.vnc.server -l userid

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