shutdown gotcha with Win32 host

Seanster Seanster "at"
Wed, 06 Mar 2002 00:10:00 +0000

One workaround is psshutdown.exe. It's available at in
the misc utils section. You can force a reboot of a remote windows
system with it. If the machine is already in shutdown mode, you can use
pslist and pskill to find and nuke whatever it is that is holding up the
reboot process.

I use this fairly often to reboot machines when pcanywhere chokes and
won't let anyone connect.

I don't remember any good reason why vnc can't shut down last but there
was some discussion of it here a while ago.


Alex Angelopoulos wrote:
> Unfortunately, I believe that is Windows refusing the connection when you
> shutdown - and you are right, it is incredibly annoying.
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