shift key getting "stuck" on for mouse operations

Sharma, Shashi Shashi.Sharma "at"
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 22:49:45 +0000

I dont know whether this will work or not(I am not able to reproduce the
problem) but you may try

Select the vncviewer window press Shift Key (and keeping it pressed) select
any other window and release the shift key.

If this doesnt work try
Select any window (other than vncviewer) and press Shift key and keeping it
pressed select  the vncviewer window and release the key.

Try this with both the shift key.

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Subject: shift key getting "stuck" on for mouse operations

I have searched around on this list and web sources but found no
mention of a problem that confronts me regularly when using both the X
and Win32 viewers to connect to a Win32 host.

The connection can get corrupted in such a way that the shift key is
permanently down with respect to mouse clicks.  Selection of a certain
file, for example, then becomes impossible.  Worse, an innocent
double-click on a file on the desktop can open almost everything on
the desktop.

If I close the connection and reconnect, the problem remains.
Sometimes (all the time?) if I wait several minutse before
reconnecting, the problem goes away.

Another way to cure the problem is to launch an application in which
you can type text (Notepad, search panel, etc.), and type some text.
The text appears in lower-case, and after having done this, the shift
key is unstuck.

This problem is a pretty crippling one, especially when you
accidentally open 50 files at once and have to click away 50 windows.
I do not know what specifically triggers the problem, but I can rely
on VNC developing it if I use a connection for a while (an hour?).  I
have observed it on the VNC host on two different W2k machines and a
WinXP machine.  (I have observed it using clients on each of those
three machines and using an X client -- though other evidence strongly
suggests it is a host not a client problem.)  I have observed it when
running as a service and when manually run as an application.  I have
observed it connecting directly to the host and connecting via ssh and
a local socket (X client to one of the W2k hosts).  I have observed it
with full-color bandwidth and with reduced 8-bit bandwidth.  As to
permutations of the above, I have tried many but perhaps not all.

Any help solving this problem will be greatly appreciated.
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