tightvnc vs "loose" vnc

Wilmes, Rusty RWilmes "at" facey.com
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 19:14:06 +0000

Our current plan is to deploy vnc server to our client 9x computers via a
login.bat installation that will install, run registry files etc.  Currently
it runs via the startup programs the first time but subsequently installs as
a service so that it's running even before the user logs in.  The reg file
contains tweaks that disable the user's ability to shutdown the service or
change any properties.  One of the difficulties we're having is in changing
the passwords via a reg file on a regular basis.  So far the only way I've
found to do this is to use an un-locked-down installation, change the
password, export the regkey to a .reg file then run the .reg file on the
clients via the login script.  This is due to the hashing of the password in
the key. 
This is to help our helpdesk department and techs trouble shoot desktop
problems.  They'll connect either via the viewer or a web browser. 
I just downloaded the tightvnc to test.  Can anyone comment on the pro/con
of tightvnc in the scenario above or on how to change passwords on a regular
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