winvncdrv & NT4 (was: winvncdrv new version available)

Tim Senecal tsenecal "at"
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 16:53:05 +0000

On my machine the driver won't even install, what did you do to get it to


At 12:05 PM 3/5/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>I am also trying to get this VNC driver working on NT4.  I have SP6a
>(enhanced encryption), and I cannot get the driver to work.
>I noticed that the driver DID install, it is listed in devices as vncdrv ,
>and it's startup type is set to "system", but the driver is not running.
>If I try to start the driver, I get the following error:
>Error 1306:  Indicates two revision levels are incompatible.
>I have no idea what this means.
>Perhaps Rudi the guru can shed some light?  Is this driver actually NT
>compatible?  NT4 is still a very common OS, and it would be a shame if this
>driver could not run.
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