Right-clicks from a Mac

Alexander Inglis ainglis "at" torweb.com
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 15:07:43 +0000


I had to use a mac i-book for ten days over new year's 
to do the same thing -- monitor and work on some 
remote windows servers. I hadn't touched a mac in 
year's and the i-book belonged to my (non-techie) friend.

I installed VNC-Thing (this was mentioned a couple of 
notes ago in this thread). It worked very well and 
did not upset my friend's system in the least. He was 
running OS 8.6 I believe.

For about US$9 we bought a Mac mouse with two buttons. 
My friend, it turned out, did not have an external mouse 
and now loves it.

Right-clicking was a start-up choice in the VNC-Thing 
software and could be adjusted on a per session basis. 
I wasn't able to do quite everything I could from a 
Windows VNC session but I did manage to do everything 
I really needed to -- included right-clicking.

So in sum -- VNCThing and a two button mouse was a 
simple solution that was non-invasive to my friend's 
machine. I recommend you try that. I also got some 
helpful and prompt support from Jonathan Morton on this 
list who I believe is the developer.

In Toronto 


At 01:40 PM 3/5/02 +0000, you wrote:
>F10 upsets the Mac I'm on.
>Brings up the key control panel or something.
>Having very little knowledge of Macs and this being someone else's, I don't
want to start upsetting things.
>Ian Cowley
>At 13:26 05/03/2002, you wrote:
>>Usually Shift+F10 will activate the context menu in Windows for the current
>>item - is that any help?
>>Nick Palmer
>>IT Manager
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>>> I'm VNCing to a Windows machine from a Mac, and can't find a 
>>> way of sending right-clicks.
>>> Can anyone enlighten me?
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