Win2000 client crash (Driver IRQL not less or equal)

Andrew Crowe andrew_bulk "at"
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 13:29:45 +0000

Hi Everybody,

> What's the video driver setup you have?

I'm using the latest GForce drivers from Nvidia, and the SIS driver that
came with Windows 2000 (if I use any other SIS driver then the dual display
stops working)

> I would say that your problem is the SiS 6326 off the top of my head, but
> can't claim to have "Regression-tested" the idea - just had a couple of
> experiences with that series of SIS cards.

I would have only thought it would be a problem if the VNC window was on the
SIS card? Also I haven't had any other trouble with the card with other
apps. (Plus it worked in 98)

> On reboot, what kind of error
> mesages do you have in the log (if any prior to the generic "unexpected
> reboot").

Which log should I look for it in?

Anyway when it's safe to crash my computer I'll try disabling the card and
see what VNC does.

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