Win2000 client crash (Driver IRQL not less or equal)

Andrew Crowe andrew_bulk "at"
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 11:53:28 +0000

Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble running the VNC client on my Windows2000 machine.

Whenever I'm connected to my other machine through VNC, after a random
(usually short) period it bombs my system with this error:

"Driver IRQL not less or equal"  (fatal blue screen).

This happens both with VNCviewer.exe (latest versions) and the java client.

It never used to happen when I had Win98 installed on the same computer.

Any ideas? (I can give a more exact error if you like)

My exact spec is:

Windows2000 server (SP2), 1.2ghz AMD athlon, 512megs ram, Dual display
(Nvidia GForce2 + SIS 6326).

The crash seems to happen whatever screen I have the viewer on.


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