Tunneling through a firewall to a vncserver.

Michael Ossmann michael.ossmann "at" alttech.com
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 00:02:20 +0000

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 11:04:59AM -0500, Chris Gokey wrote:
>     Xvnc can now make reverse connections to a listening viewer 
>     (normally connections are made the other way round - the viewer 
>     connects to the server). This is done with a helper program called 
>     vncconnect. Simply run:
>     vncconnect host
> I don't understand, how can I connect to "host" if it is behind a
> firewall?

client: vncviewer -listen
server: Xvnc :1
        (or vncserver :1)
server: vncconnect -display :1 client

If the server is behind a firewall but the client is not, then this
generally works.  The client listens on port 5500 (which unfortunately
is hard coded).

> > If you are interested in continuing to learn-by-doing along these lines,
> > a Java SSH2 implementation would be a great contribution to the
> > community.  There are SSH1 classes available, but open source SSH2
> > classes are sorely missing.
> Thanks, this does sound like an interesting project. 

If you decide to work on it, let me know.  I haven't had enough time to
actually start the project, but I may be able to help some.  There are a
lot of other people who would also be happy to know that a project has
begun and may want to help out.

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