VNC Security ?

Franck Chevalier franck.chevalier "at"
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 17:43:35 +0000


I'm new on this mailing list then please forgive me if I ask anything
already discussed here... I'm french and I'm working as an ingineer for
Well, my problem is that when I'm connected to a server throught VNC, anyone
can come and kick me just by opening a new VNC session.
I'd like to allow only one session at a time, but I'd also like (do I ask
too much ? :) to allow or not the other log while I'm connected (I don't
know if I'm clear enough...) to make my connexion safer (I don't want anyone
getting connected to use my windows session I opened via VNC)

Do you think it's possible ?

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