winvncdrv new version available

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Mon, 04 Mar 2002 15:41:46 +0000

All of which goes to underscore my astonishment that an essentially
cross-platform client and server together weigh in sizewise at about a quarter
of what typical "competitive" products do...
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: The existing official version of WinVNC can only obtain hints as to changes
: to the display, which it must then verify since they sometimes overestimate
: what has changed.  Conversely, some updates (some scrolling, some console
: windows) cannot be hooked for hints, so WinVNC polls them, chewing the CPU.
: Using a display driver allows WinVNC to obtain accurate data on what has
: changed, vastly improving performance (try moving the mouse pointer with
: two different versions and the difference can be very noticable - and
: a relatively small graphical update!).
: Essentially, the display driver is the way WinVNC should have operated from
: the beginning, but since it works only on NT and could cause system
: instability, we opted for the hint route instead, which is more portable
: Win98, for example) and cannot crash the OS.  (Note that Rudi's version
: a hook driver that I've never seen crash a system, so the instability point
: is probably moot).
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: Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 10:50:41 -0500
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: Considering the originator (R. De V.), I'm certain that this is a truly
: innovative solution to a problem that I suffer, but I can't figure out
: one? Is there someone out there who can offer a succinct statement of what
: VNC video driver does for me and what limitations it imposes? Thanks.
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