keyboard failure , key-strokes?!

Klaas-Jan Doeven kjdoeven "at"
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 13:19:14 +0000

Am i correct that (some) keystrokes don't work proper in VNC?

for example:
When i press Ctrl-A to: 'select all', nothing happens?!

(right clicking and 'select all' does work though)

why is this?

Also when i sometimes have been remoe controlling a pc i have the feeling
that the remote keyboard somehow 'hangs' or something.
I am running a dos box remotely and when i exit the VNC-session, the local
user has no control over his keyboard, it looks like sometimes the ALT key
hangs, because when pressing ESC, windows comes with its start menu, and the
keystroke(s) for this is 'Ctrl-ESC' !!

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