[VNC in Java] VNC Hook for windows and screen grabbing

Romain VERDIER romain.verdier "at" supelec.fr
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 12:41:07 +0000

Hello everyone,

does anyone know if there exists a smart way to simulate the VNC C++ hook for
windows in a java environment, that is to say to do the same job than the
Windows C++ Hook package (catch messages to windows, areas to be refreshed,
etc...). Since the Microsoft com.ms.wfc.app package does not include all the
functionnalities of the classic win32 api, it seems to me quite difficult to
operate in the same way than in C++, especially for the screen grabbing
(which, according to me, forces us to add a windows change detection layer in
the VNC Code in order not to send the whole image each time a RFBUpdateRequest
is received by the server).

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