VNC on HP-UX10.20 vncserver not working

ASANO,SEIJI (A-Japan,ex1) seiji_asano "at"
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 08:22:20 +0000

Thanks Akira,

This fixed font problem was solved by Miroslav's advise.

The Xvnc may requires a fontserver's font-path in a vncserver script which
like ...

cmd$ = "-fp tcp/xxxx:7000"

I changed  this instead of previous local font setting.

Now Xvnc is running.

But I have a different problem now.
I liked to see an unix same session desktop in a windows client.
For example, login as a root user on an unix and open a terminal window.
I like to see this same environment on a windows client.

I tried to execute a Xvnc on WindowsNT4.0 and  I could watch same window
with vncviewer on a HP-UX.

Now I see different session desktop. It's like a Reflection X and so on.

Perhaps I need more check mailing-list and  I will be  trying to change a
vncserver options.

Do you know how to setup this ?



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