Reducing the Screen Size ?

Jim Brown jtb "at"
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 21:12:20 +0000

Hi Will,

> Is it possible to 'auto size' the screen via an VNC connection?
> I'm running the VNC remote client on a half VGA screen (FeX21 HandHeld
> PC HPC) and controlling a Win2k desktop.
> It would be very nice if I could reduce the virtual scrolling that the
> user has to do.

   Going back through my personal store of things from this list that
   might be useful to keep ;>) I find a couple notes related to
   similar functionality...

   I'd suggest you search the VNC archives for 'scaling scale scal

   but here's one that seems to be pertinent, and I remember seeing
   other scaling addons in the past.

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> Now that is a very interesting idea - I hadn't even considered that.
> I assume you mean that the proxy should selectively filter all
> size-oriented messages from the client, and scale those where
> appropriate? (e.g. pen events).
> I'd also need to implement a "client" to convert the buffer data from
> the server into a local buffer in the proxy, scale that image, and a
> "server" from the scaled buffer to the *real* client.
> I have a VNC proxy written in Java which you could use to at least
> experiment which this approach.
> You can download it from
> Full source is included and it's released under a BSD style licence.
> John Wilson
> Mailto: tug "at"

                                         Best Regards,
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