ZNC based on TightVNC

Michael Milette tng "at" cyberus.ca
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 06:28:31 +0000

Hi Dave,

I don't suppose you might consider using TightVNC instead of WinVNC as your 
base code, would you? TightVNC is actively being developed, has many more 
features, less bugs and is more stable than WinVNC.

Alternatively, you might try offering Constantin the opportunity of 
integrating your changes into TightVNC for you. I know he has been toying 
with the idea of adding encryption to TightVNC and he might be interested 
in implementing your changes. Can't hurt to ask.


At 01:52 AM 2002-02-26, you wrote:
>  Since at&t is playing domain name games, ZNC is moving to a new home.
>  Find it at:
>  http://home.attbi.com/~davedyer/znc/zvnc.html
>The is no change (except from the location) from the version you may already
>be using.
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