Loading Initial Screen then disconnects

Jonathan Morton chromi "at" cyberspace.org
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 22:04:16 +0000

>Alex - Changing the NIC solved the problem.  The old one was an ancient
>AT-1500T running at 10Mhz half duplex.   We put in a newer card and
>nailed it up at 100Mhz/half duplex.
>We did have the switch port fixed 10/half - we've experienced too many
>problems with auto-negotiation in the past.  The odd part is that the
>machine worked fine under "normal" low traffic, running both IP and IPX.
>I guess the card just had a problem with the massive amount of info
>being sent out for screen updates.

Yes, I've seen cards lock up under heavy traffic too.  Sometimes it 
was a driver problem, but with this particular card I just removed it 
from the system altogether and replaced it with something more 
reliable.  With an ISA-based 486, this meant another 10baseT card, 
but I found a 3c509b and a DE220 which are currently working very 

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