AuthHosts WinVNC 3.3.3r9

Henry Lowendick hlowendick "at"
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:42:28 +0000

I am attempting to configure WinVNC to only accept incoming connections from a specific range of IP addresses.

I've checked the documentation and tried all of the combinations I can think of to get this to work - but it doesn't seem to.  I also saw a post from a few months back in the archive list where someone posted the same question and the solution seemed to be use ZoneAlarm to restrict incoming connections.  I would prefer to just configure VNC if it would work.

I've left the "QuerySetting" at the default 2

Based on the documentation - I've added an "AuthHosts" REG_SZ string and tried entries such as:

-:+ (which, based on the documentation should filter out all incoming connections except

If you have ever gotten this to work - I would really appreciate an email reply on exactly what you need to do.

Thanks in advance,

Henry Lowendick

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