integrated remote control front end for VNC, pcAnywhere, RDP, Citrix

Alex Angelopoulos alex "at"
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 06:10:33 +0000

I recently put together a tool for allowing "all in one" remote control
of various systems in an IT support environment.  The basic concept is
to make a single, miniature applet window that allows IT staff to
quickly connect to a remote system by simply typing in an IP address -
no connectoid configuration, hunting down a particular applet, etcetera
( a major plus for anyone who has ever used  a mix of Citrix, Terminal
Services, and pcAnywhere for large-scale remote support).

Currently the tool supports VNC, pcAnywhere, Terminal Services, and
Citrix Metaframe connectivity. It should be released under a GPLish
license eventually (the dependency on OEM library files is the only
sticky point - I intend for the work I have done to be available in
classic Linuxish fashion).  The "source" is raw  HTML of course.

It requires IE 5.01 or higher on Win32 to run; I have no idea of
behavior on anything other than NT4SP6a, Win2KSP2, and XP Professional
though.  The IE 5.01 requirement is due to it being an HTA file. I
*believe* it might run properly under IE 4 if you are courageous enough
to try it - I have notes on the page about a possible way to do it.

The description, download link, and *all* the current documentation
outside the "source" code itself is at the link below. As I said above
and repeat on the web page, it IS beta, I bear no responsibility for any
problems it may cause, you're on your own and acknowledge it by making
use of this link:

That said, it should be *very* useful to anyone who has to do a lot of
mixed remote control work.  I use it every day now.

I am particularly interested in feedback from anyone who makes heavy use
of  remote control tools and has comments about it.
I also am on a hunt for "other" remote control clients and tools which
have an ActiveX control available for them (or even a Java applet or
some type of "run in a browser" functionality). In particular, an open
source ActiveX telnet client or ActiveX FTP client would be handy,
simply in terms of making some task automation possible. I'm even
willing to try non-open "freeware" at this point since I've had such
minimal luck with finding open source versions of either of the above.

If someone out there is just itching to start up a random project, they
ccould always take the source code to Teraterm and turn it into an
ActiveX control (sounds easy to *me* - I don't have to do it)...
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