Win 98 setup?

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Wed, 30 Jan 2002 21:57:00 +0000

For a DNS service, take a look at and I think the other one

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> AOL does use TCP/IP, over a dial-up modem.  TCP/IP is the only protocol
> to connect to the Internet, regardless of whether it's through a modem or
> network card.  You usually cannot choose an IP address, it is granted to
> by your Internet Service Provider (AOL in this case.)  I recall AOL in
> particular also creates a software-only adapter called AOL Adapter or
> something because AOL uses a VPN.
> If your means of connection to a computer is through AOL, both on the
> and the host side, you will need some way of finding out what IP Address
> granted the host in order for the VNCViewer client to find it.  This may
> by running winipcfg on the host, or by hovering over the VNC Server icon
> the host.  Either way, you need someone at the host.
> There are third-party DNS services that will allow you to download a DNS
> registration client (which you would put on the VNC host.)  These will
> the host to connect to the Internet, it will then register with the
> third-party DNS server, and the DNS server will update itself.  This will
> allow you to use a DNS name (, for
> example) to connect to the VNC host no matter what IP address it has at
> moment.

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