changing screen resolution 'over the wire'

Jim Theriot Jim.Theriot "at"
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 20:52:42 +0000


I didn't find the answer to this in the archives;  apologies in advance if
this is the wrong list for it.

I have a vnc server running on my Windows machine at work.  I generally set
the screen resolution to 800x600 before I leave work, to make it easier to
access it from home (where I have a lower-resolution monitor).  It's a bit
tricky to change the resolution from home, because an exception is thrown
and the connection is lost before I can confirm that the new resolution is
displaying properly.

Until last week I was running Windows NT.  I figured out that I can 'test'
the new resolution, which doesn't require confirmation, after which changing
the resolution also doesn't require confirmation (I have to establish the
connection again, but that's no sweat).  But now I have upgraded to Windows
2000, and I don't find a 'test' button, or any other way to change
resolution without confirming.  Does anyone know a way to avoid the
exception, or some hack to 'batch up' the resolution change, or ...?

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