Win 98 setup?

Luke St Clair Lstclair "at"
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:09:28 +0000

Dear People,

New to the list. Just subscribed a couple of mins ago!

Having a few problems that I hope you can assist me with.

I have Win VNC.

My plan is to use it to dialup computers @ work to carry out maintenance,
etc and if there was a problem, etc.

I know how to do it over the Internet.

However, seems a bit tricky when it comes to dialup. All the computers are
Windows 98 based machines. All with 56k modems.

The initial problem I have it, that I install Win VNC on a machine and the
IP address is and I install it on another and the IP address is
the same. So how can they be the same? On two different addresses. This is
all new to me.

Has anyone produced an 'idiots' guide to setting up Win VNC on Windows 98

That includes: -

Dialup networking support - how to dial into the computers?
Win VNC - How to set this up?

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