Constantin Kaplinsky const "at"
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 13:34:28 +0000

Hello Louise,

>>>>> "LG" == Louise Gerhart <lgerhart "at"> writes:

LG> I am experimenting the the applet version of the VNC viewer on
LG> Win98 accessing a Window2k server; however, the colors are
LG> strangely distorted. (happens on two different clients). The exe
LG> version of the viewer produces good colors on the same clients.

LG> Can anyone point me in the right direction here. Client side
LG> browser is Internet Explorer 5.5 sp2.

The Java viewer supports only 256-color mode, that is why the colors
are inaccurate. However, next TightVNC version (to be ready in approx.
two weeks) will include improved Java viewer which supports 24-bit

With Best Wishes,
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